Insider Tips for The Ball in NYC Tonight

December 24th, 2010
We are looking forward to hosting you at The Ball 2010 tonight! Here are some insider tips!
  • Top SecretWe’ve again sold more advance tickets for tonight’s event than for any in our 16 year history! So we are expecting an amazing night. We thank you sincerely and have worked hard (and will work hard tonight) to ensure a great, fun night for you.
  • Plenty of tickets will still be available at the door. And we’ve become pretty good over the years at making sure wait times to buy tickets are as short (we know it’s cold outside, although it’s supposed to be a little warmer today).
  • This is an 8-hour long party and you will be able to visit as many venues as you’d like. However, some venues will fill up more quickly than others. So if you have a specific venue where you’d really prefer to start the evening, we do recommend arriving at that venue early if you can.
  • Important: We want you to enjoy all of the venues tonight or, at least as many as you would like to visit. However, when a particular venue is at capacity, we will direct you to one of our other venues that isn’t yet full. You can stop back at the first venue later in the evening and, as above, you will be able to enter all of the venues during the course of the 8-hour party, if you so choose.
  • Super-Duper Important: If you bought a Jewniversal Pass in advance, you must pick it up at the venue you selected during the checkout process. The reason we do this is to make the check-in process run as quickly and smoothly as possible, by having people checking in a different locations. If we used one humongous guest list at all the locations, it would take forever to find your name = some dang cold Jewish peeps. So we separate the advance sale guest list by the venue you chose at checkout and you must pick up your Jewninversal Pass at that venue. We will only have your name on the guest list at the venue you chose. Even though you may have a paper ticket, we still need you to pick you your Jewniversal pass at the venue you selected at checkout. We intend to send another email reminder about this to all advance ticket purchaser shortly.
  • The truth about the Jewniversal Pass revealed: The “Jewniversal Pass” sounds like the Golden Ticket from Willy Wonka. The sad truth is, it’s only a wristband. But once you have it, you can enter all of the venues and use the limos, luxury buses (and the Wonkavator).
  • About our Limousine / Luxury Bus Service: We have reserved a fleet of Hummer and Escalade limousines and huge, 50-person luxury buses. The shuttle service runs from 10 pm to 3 am. Our plan is to run the Hummer and Escalade Limos between the downtown venues – Hiro, The Park and Marquee – constantly. With respect to Lavo (which is in midtown and where the distance to travel is much greater), we plan to use our 50-person buses and to use The Park as as “downtown hub” meaning our Luxury Buses to and from Lavo, will begin and end at The Park. From the Park, you can catch a limo to Marquee or Hiro. We may alter this slightly during the course of the night as conditions warrant and to better serve you. Our “limousine dispatchers” at each venue, will keep you informed. (Here’s a story called “Jeeves for Jewsus” about the humble beginnings of our limo service idea).
  • Coat Check: We have worked with each of the venues to make sure that their coat checks are fully-staffed. In some cases, auxiliary coat check stations have been added. However, you are not obligated to check your coat and if you are planning on doing a lot of party-hopping, it may pay to keep your coat with you, if you’d like.

Most importantly, drink responsibly, drive safely, and best wishes for a Happy New Year!

The Ball 2010 in LA – In the News

December 19th, 2010

Dont worry; we dont believe our own press

Don't worry; we don't believe our own press.

It’s looking like The Ball 2010 in LA is going to be a blow-out! By the time you read this, unless you are reading this this very second, which, let’s face it, you’re not, our “2 for $40″ tickets will be completely sold out.  We are far ahead of last year’s sales, when we sold out Opera and Crimson.

So we’re looking forward to a huge night at The Colony in Hollywood with The LA Guardians.  We do recommend that you purchase advance tickets ($30) before the cut-off on Wednesday at noon.

The Ball in LA has been getting some nice (and appreciated) attention from the press.  LA Weekly picked the The Ball as one of its recommended holiday events and wrote:

“JDate? Feh … if you are determined to hook up with someone of the Hebraic persuasion, there’s one event that promises to be a bigger deal than the parting of the Red Sea: Let My People Go.”

And NBC LA has written:

“An annual spectacular held every Christmas Eve … The Ball is all about helping Jewish singles meet up, dance, network, share some laughs and maybe make a lasting connection. Thousands of attendees have been recorded at some of The Balls, so this is big, very big.”

It aint braggin if you really done it

"It ain't braggin if you really done it"

We look forward to seeing you Thursday.*

*And on Sunday, after the conclusion of The Ball 2010 in NYC on Dec 24 and The Ball 2010 in NYC for Ages 40+ on Dec 24 and the Double Happiness Ball Part Deux on December 25, we’re looking forward to officially banishing braggadocio from this blog, at least for another year, and leaving the Dizzy Deaning to Dizzy Dean.

Jewish Singles TV. Turn in. Turn On.

December 18th, 2010

Twas the night before Christmas and there was something in the air:

  • People making out with reckless abandon.
  • A Ball engagement announcement – ‘true love’ found at The Ball..

Can love (Ian) Bloom among 4,000 Jewish Singles? Did Ally find a husband?  Press play for the next exciting chapter and then join us for The Ball 2010 in NYC or The Ball 2010 in Hollywood where the answers to all your burning questions shall be revealed.

Or youll just dance and have loads of fun.

Or you'll just dance, no matter what the Bible-thumping local preacher says, meet new people, and have loads o' fun.

Introducing Lavo – The Newest Edition to The Ball 2010 Venue Lineup

December 15th, 2010

Lavo is just one of 5 venues well be using for The Ball 2010.  Your Jewniversal Pass admits you to all five and provides free Hummer and Escalade Limousine and Luxury Party Bus Service for Party-Hopping!

Lavo is just one of 5 venues we'll be using for The Ball 2010. Your "Jewniversal Pass" admits you to all five and provides free Hummer and Escalade Limousine and Luxury Party Bus Service for Party-Hopping! Photo courtesy of

What America envisions when it pictures a Manhattan nightclub” – New York Post

A game changer” – Blackbook

You need a connection to get past the velvet ropes” – Citysearch

Hot Lavo – A Vegas Style Mecca in MidtownUrban Daddy

The kind of mega-club that helped coin the phrase ‘What happens in Vegas…” – Urban Daddy

    Have a Ball at The Ball

    One of the hottest clubs in Las Vegas is now the hottest club in NYC and the newest edition to The Ball 2010 venue lineup!

    Just-opened in September with a star-studded Grand Opening – check out the video and the photos, attended by Lenny Kravitz, Nicky Hilton, Michelle Rodriguez, and Kristin Cavallari, among many others, Lavo is “the latest Cristal-pouring, Vegas-channeling subterranean ultralounge from the guys behind Marquee and Avenue” (New York Magazine) and “your newest pleasure emporium” (

    8 foot purple robots alwasy free at events. This policy dedicated to Will Robinson and Dr. Zachary Smith.

    The club has since hosted a Fashion Week dance party for Zac Posen, a dinner party for Peaches Geldof, Mariah Carey for her husband’s birthday party and Heidi Klum’s famous Halloween party (where she dressed like an 8-foot purple robot) attended by Kim Kardashian, Russell Simmons, Gerald Butler, John Legend, Ice-T and many others.

    Needless to say, only the nation’s biggest Jewish Singles party could top those star-studded affairs.

    Spend all night at the hottest new club in the city at Lavo, or use your Jewniversal Pass to club-hop to:

    Hiro Ballroom and Lounge for another amazing dance party on Christmas Eve and where “Tokyo-chic” meets high-flying aerialists.

    The Park for an enormous indoor, outdoor (in the Park’s gorgeous, heated garden), and for “I Love the 80s and 90s” in the Penthouse.

    Marquee for the Bad Santa Dance Party and the VIP Mezzanine Groove Lounge.

      And, if you are 40+ to:

      The Cabanas for a great music and dancing in the North Cabana and a great lounge vibe in the South Cabana.

        Our Complimentary Limousine Shuttle Service, featuring Hummer and Escalade Limousines and Luxury Party Buses will run between the clubs from 10 pm to 3 am.

        Then join us on December 25 at:

        Hudson Terrace Roofdeck and Salon for the Double Happiness Roofdeck Party and “I Love the 80s and 90s” Parties. Free for All Attendees of The Ball 2010 (we’ll give you a ticket when you enter The Ball on December 24).

        Arrive early for 2-for-1 specialty drinks 8-9:30 pm.

        Don’t forget to visit:

        The Ball 2010 in NYC – Nation’s Biggest Jewish Singles Event 15 Years in a Row!

        December 12th, 2010
        This was The Ball 2009 at Hiro - Just One of the Five Venue for The Ball

        The Ball 2009 at Hiro - Just One of the Five Venues for The Ball 2010

        We may be the only people in the country frightened by Christmas music.  Because each note is a reminder that we only have a few weeks to prepare for The Ball 2010 in NYC on Christmas Eve, the 4,000 person mega-event that spans five major NYC venues and has been called everything from “The Mother of all Jewish Singles Parties” (TimeOut New York) to “the gold standard” (The New York Post) to the place to “venue-hop in style .. at the country’s largest Jewish Singles event” (The Washington Post).

        How big is The Ball?

        People from around the world will go to great lengths to attend The Ball

        People from around the world go to great lengths to attend The Ball

        People come from far and wide for this event.  As the Village Voice reported “Matzo ball parties are Jewish camps all grown up… has been the grandest one of all, packing ‘em in …  including Jewish jet-setters from London, Toronto, and Sydney.”

        Our video from last year’s Ball shows visitors from Paris, Montreal and Israel, natch.

        This year, we’ve reserved five amazing NYC venues – including Lavo, the Las Vegas import that is currently the hottest new New York City nightclub.  And, of course, we’re providing complimentary Hummer limousine and Luxury Party Bus service for party-hopping.

        It looks like this except its not gold and it fits around your wrist

        It looks like this except it's not gold and it fits around your wrist

        Anyhow, check out all the details about The Ball 2010 in NYC and then pick up your “Jewniversal Pass“, your veritable Golden Ticket to all the action (click that last link for a song that reveals a sprightly Jack Albertson and will likely dominate your thoughts for all eternity).